Greeting from President




I want to thank you for accessing our website.


The Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai (‘NKK”)(also known as Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California)  was established in 1964 and we are made up of 37 strong Kenjinkai’s (prefectural associations.)  Each of the 37 Kenjinkai’s were established to promote culture, traditions and to provide and spread prefectural information.

Every year, we award scholarships to young individuals who study Japanese arts and culture. We have many activities, such as a golf tournament, a talent show, a senior appreciation event, a bowling tournament and many other festival events.  NKK also supports many of their 37 individual Kenjinkai’s activities.


The year 2020 was a very challenging year for us.  Covid-19 stuck the world and many of our events were canceled and all our lives were impacted.  However, we see hope in 2021 as the various vaccines will be administered and things will eventually return to normal. We just have to be patient.


For the year 2021, we hope to see you at one of our events.  If you are interested in joining a Kenjinkai, please contact your Kenjinkiai representative and join.


Please be kind to others, protect each other and stay safe.

Thank you, my friends.


Richard Watanabe


Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai (Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California)